Exhibitor Services

What about refunds from exclusive and recommended vendors?

Refunds from the exclusive and recommended vendors are handled by each respective vendor and follow the refund policies established by those vendors. IMS has made every effort to encourage those vendors to issue full refunds, however, as third-party contractors they set their own policies. Please contact all vendors you’ve ordered services from to discuss order cancellations and refunds.  

Any non-exclusive/recommended contractors you use should be contacted as soon as possible regarding cancelling of services.

For exhibitors who have booked housing through the IMS Housing Bureau, all reservations will be automatically cancelled, credit cards will not be charged, and no action is required on your part. If you have booked directly with a hotel or through a third-party service (Hotels.com, Expedia, etc.) then you will need to work through those booking agencies to initiate any refunds.  

The IMS Exclusive and Recommended Service providers are listed below:

Questions? Contact the IMS exhibits department at +1 303-530-4562 or exhibits@mpassociates.com.

General Service Contractor (Official)
Phone: 714-254-3410
Email: FreemanAnaheimES@freeman.com

Electrical (Exclusive)
Phone: 714-254-3410
Email: FreemanAnaheimES@freeman.com

Catering (Exclusive)
Phone: 213-765-4480

Internet Services/Telecommunications (Exclusive)

Smart City
Phone: 888-446-6911
Email: csr@smartcity.com

Audio/Visual Equipment (Recommended)
Presentation Technologies
Phone: 908-268-1502
Email: mdowling@pres-tech.net
Lead Retrieval (Recommended)
Phone: 801-676-7904
Email: aes-exhibitorservices@aventri.com
Photography (Recommended)
Lyle Photos
Phone: 404-202-0102
Email: info@lylephotos.com
Plant Rental (Recommended)

Short Term Plant Rental
Phone: 800-752-6848

Security (Recommended)

United Security
Phone: 562-424-4441
Email: jkennedy@unitedhq.com