Active Components

Marc Franco
Robert Caverly
Villanova Univ.

This session presents the latest developments in high-power technology for HF, VHF, UHF and S band. The techniques include amplifiers based upon a novel serial combiner and a broadband transmission-line combiner. Also included are a kilowatt 27 MHz amplifier with supply modulation and an amplifier based upon new high-voltage GaN FETs. Finally, an S-band magnetron that produces 20 kW of power will be presented.

Tu1F-1: Series-Combined Coaxial Dielectric Resonator Class-F Power Amplifier System
Ramon A. Beltran, Feiyu Wang, Greg Villagrana
Ramon A. Beltran, Ophir RF
Tu1F-2: An Over 230W, 0.5–2.1GHz Wideband GaN Power Amplifier Using Transmission-Line-Transformer-Based Combining Technique
Yoshitaka Niida, Masaru Sato, Masato Nishimori, Toshihiro Ohki, Norikazu Nakamura
Yoshitaka Niida, Fujitsu Laboratories
Tu1F-3: Compact and Highly Efficient Lumped Push-Pull Power Amplifier at Kilowatt Level with Quasi-Static Drain Supply Modulation
Renbin Tong, Dragos Dancila
Renbin Tong, Uppsala Univ.
Tu1F-4: A 2.3kW 80% Efficiency Single GaN Transistor Amplifier for 400.8MHz Particle Accelerators and UHF Radar Systems
Gabriele Formicone, James Custer
Gabriele Formicone, Integra Technologies
Tu1F-5: An Enhanced Large-Power S-Band Injection-Locked Magnetron with Anode Voltage Ripple Inhibition
Xiaojie Chen, Bo Yang, Xiang Zhao, Naoki Shinohara, Changjun Liu
Xiaojie Chen, Sichuan Univ.
Mona Jarrahi
Univ. of California, Los Angeles
Luca Pierantoni
Univ. Politecnica delle Marche

This session gives an overview of recent advances in the areas of microwave photonics, terahertz photonics, and nanotechnology.
Specifically, new approaches for photonics-assisted nanoantennas, generation, and detection of microwave/terahertz radiation and nearfield microwave scanning microscopy are included in this session.

Tu2E-1: High-Sensitivity Plasmonic Photoconductive Terahertz Detector Driven by a Femtosecond Ytterbium-Doped Fiber Laser
Deniz Turan, Nezih Tolga Yardimci, Mona Jarrahi
Deniz Turan, Univ. of California, Los Angeles
Tu2E-2: Terahertz Generation Through Bias-Free Telecommunication Compatible Photoconductive Nanoantennas Over a 5THz Radiation Bandwidth
Deniz Turan, Nezih Tolga Yardimci, Ping Keng Lu, Mona Jarrahi
Deniz Turan, Univ. of California, Los Angeles
Tu2E-3: A 63-Pixel Plasmonic Photoconductive Terahertz Focal-Plane Array
Xurong Li, Mona Jarrahi
Xurong Li, Univ. of California, Los Angeles
Tu2E-4: Operation of Near-Field Scanning Millimeter-Wave Microscopy up to 67GHz Under Scanning Electron Microscopy Vision
P. Polovodov, D. Théron, S. Eliet, V. Avramovic, C. Boyaval, D. Deresmes, G. Dambrine, K. Haddadi
P. Polovodov, IEMN (UMR 8520)
Tu2E-5: Covert Photonics-Enabled Millimeter-Wave Transmitter
Elad Siman-Tov, Jean H. Kalkavage, Juan C. Juarez, David M. Coleman
Jean H. Kalkavage, Johns Hopkins Univ.
Tu2E-6: Microwave Photonic Self-Adaptive Bandpass Filter and its Application to a Frequency Set-On Oscillator
Georgios Charalambous, Stavros Iezekiel
Georgios Charalambous, Univ. of Cyprus
Vittorio Camarchia
Politecnico di Torino
Damon Holmes
NXP Semiconductors

This session presents techniques for the design and control of power amplifiers for S and C bands including a dual-band Doherty amplifier and a two-level outphasing amplifier. Additionally, techniques for the design and integration of the output filter and matching network are presented. Finally, there is an analysis of a technique for regulating the output power in the presence of a variable load.

Tu2F-1: Optimal Supply Voltage for PA Output Power Correction Under Load Varying Scenarios
Cristiano F. Gonçalves, Filipe M. Barradas, Luís C. Nunes, Pedro M. Cabral, José C. Pedro
Cristiano F. Gonçalves, Instituto de Telecomunicações
Tu2F-2: A 3.9-GHz-Band Outphasing Power Amplifier with Compact Combiner Based on Dual-Power-Level Design for Wide-Dynamic-Range Operation
Ryoichi Ogasawara, Yoichiro Takayama, Ryo Ishikawa, Kazuhiko Honjo
Ryoichi Ogasawara, Univ. of Electro-Communications
Tu2F-3: Co-Designed High-Efficiency GaN Filter Power Amplifier
José Antonio Estrada, Pedro de Paco, Seth Johannes, Dimitra Psychogiou, Zoya Popović
José Antonio Estrada, University of Colorado Boulder
Tu2F-4: Integrated Filtering Class-F Power Amplifier Based on Microstrip Multimode Resonator
Li-Heng Zhou, Xin Yu Zhou, Wing Shing Chan, Jingzhou Pang, Derek Ho
Li-Heng Zhou, CityU
Pekka Kangaslahti
Jet Propulsion Lab
George Duh
BAE Systems

This session focuses on state-of-the-art low-noise circuit results with applications to quantum computing, radio astronomy, and millimeter-wave communications. First, a cryogenic SiGe LNA achieving record noise performance for silicon from 4-8 GHz will be presented. Next, the first ever W-band SiGe cryogenic LNA will be described. The third talk will focus on a broadband InP HEMT cryogenic LNA covering the entire 5-35 GHz frequency range. This will be followed by the presentation of a single-chip IQ downconverter MMIC covering the full W-band. In the final talk of the session a state-of-the-art CMOS D-band LNA operating from 125.5-157 GHz will be described.

Tu3B-1: A 1mW Cryogenic LNA Exploiting Optimized SiGe HBTs to Achieve an Average Noise Temperature of 3.2K from 4–8GHz
Wei-Ting Wong, Mohsen Hosseini, Holger Rücker, Joseph C. Bardin
Mohsen Hosseini, UMass Amherst
Tu3B-2: Cryogenic W-Band SiGe BiCMOS Low-Noise Amplifier
Mikko Varonen, Nima Sheikhipoor, Bekari Gabritchidze, Kieran Cleary, Henrik Forstén, Holger Rücker, Mehmet Kaynak
Mikko Varonen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Tu3B-3: X- to Ka-Band Cryogenic LNA Module for Very Long Baseline Interferometry
Andy Fung, Lorene Samoska, James Bowen, Steven Montanez, Jacob Kooi, Melissa Soriano, Christopher Jacobs, Raju Manthena, Daniel Hoppe, Ahmed Akgiray, Richard Lai, Xiaobing Mei, Michael Barsky
Andy Fung, Jet Propulsion Lab
Tu3B-4: A Fully-Integrated W-Band I/Q-Down-Conversion MMIC for Use in Radio Astronomical Multi-Pixel Receivers
Fabian Thome, Erdin Ture, Arnulf Leuther, Frank Schäfer, Alessandro Navarrini, Patrice Serres, Oliver Ambacher
Fabian Thome, Fraunhofer IAF
Tu3B-5: A 125.5–157GHz 8dB NF and 16dB of Gain D-Band Low Noise Amplifier in CMOS SOI 45nm
Abdelaziz Hamani, Alexandre Siligaris, Benjamin Blampey, Cedric Dehos, José Luis Gonzalez Jimenez
Abdelaziz Hamani, CEA-LETI
Christian Carlowitz
Friedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg
Hermann Boss
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG

This session addresses advanced mixed-signal transmitter and optical driver ICs towards 100 Gbit/s. It starts with a 100-Gbit/s 3-bit DAC for PAM signal generation, followed by two 50-Gbit/s class optical drivers for MZ modulator and VCSEL. Finally, a CMOS wideband FMCW radar transmitter is presented as well as a Ka-band phase shifter for 5G applications.

Tu3C-1: A 3-Bit DAC with Gray Coding for 100-Gbit/s PAM Signal Generation
Vincent Rieß, Paul Stärke, Mohammad Mahdi Khafaji, Corrado Carta, Frank Ellinger
Vincent Rieß, Technische Universität Dresden
Tu3C-2: A 50-Gb/s Optical Transmitter Based on Co-Design of a 45-nm CMOS SOI Distributed Driver and 90-nm Silicon Photonic Mach-Zehnder Modulator
Navid Hosseinzadeh, Kelvin Fang, Luis A. Valenzuela, Clint L. Schow, James F. Buckwalter
Navid Hosseinzadeh, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
Tu3C-3: A 2.85pJ/Bit, 52-Gbps NRZ VCSEL Driver with Two-Tap Feedforward Equalization
Luis A. Valenzuela, Hector Andrade, Navid Hosseinzadeh, Aaron Maharry, Clint L. Schow, James F. Buckwalter
Luis A. Valenzuela, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
Tu3C-4: A 6.5~7.5-GHz CMOS Wideband FMCW Radar Transmitter Based on Synthetic Bandwidth Technique
Hanyang Su, Siegfred D. Balon, Ke You Cheong, Chun-Huat Heng
Hanyang Su, NUS
Tu3C-5: A 24–30GHz Ultra-Compact Phase Shifter Using All-Pass Networks for 5G User Equipment
Eduardo V.P. Anjos, Dominique M. M.-P. Schreurs, Guy A.E. Vandenbosch, Marcel Geurts
Eduardo V.P. Anjos, Katholieke Univ. Leuven
Charles Campbell
Gayle Collins
Obsidian Microwave, LLC.

New design techniques for broad/dual-band GaN and GaAs high-performance power amplifiers are presented in this session. This body of work covers DC–20 GHz with efficiencies up to and greater than 60%. Power outputs of less than one watt to over 60 Watts are demonstrated. The methodologies include non-uniform distributed amplifier design for broadband performance, dual band approaches including leveraging the bias circuit for improved performance and broadband techniques for the driver amplifier. Both MMIC and hybrid approaches are covered.

Tu3F-1: A Compact 10W 2–20GHz GaN MMIC Power Amplifier Using a Decade Bandwidth Output Impedance Transformer
Michael Roberg, Manyam Pilla, Scott Schafer, Thi Ri Mya Kywe, Robert Flynt, Nguyenvu Chu
Michael Roberg, Qorvo
Tu3F-2: 2.5 to 10.0GHz Band-Pass Non-Uniform Distributed GaN MMIC HPA
Jun Kamioka, Masatake Hangai, Shinichi Miwa, Yoshitaka Kamo, Shintaro Shinjo
Jun Kamioka, Mitsubishi Electric
Tu3F-3: Two-Stage Concurrent X/Ku Dual-Band GaAs MMIC Power Amplifier
Philip Zurek, Zoya Popović
Philip Zurek, University of Colorado Boulder
Tu3F-4: Broadband Driver Amplifier with Voltage Offset for GaN-Based Switching PAs
T. Hoffmann, Florian Hühn, S. Shevchenko, Wolfgang Heinrich, Andreas Wentzel
Andreas Wentzel, FBH
Tu3F-5: A Dual-Mode Bias Circuit Enabled GaN Doherty Amplifier Operating in 0.85–2.05GHz and 2.4–4.2GHz
Yuji Komatsuzaki, Rui Ma, Shuichi Sakata, Keigo Nakatani, Shintaro Shinjo
Yuji Komatsuzaki, Mitsubishi Electric
Patrick Fay
Univ. of Notre Dame
Tony Ivanov

This session focuses on the latest advances in microwave semiconductor devices. Gallium Nitride transistor advancements in power, efficiency, and 3D heterogeneous integration are highlighted. In addition, sub-100nm metamorphic HEMT noise performance and emerging high power diamond-based diodes are discussed.

Tu3H-1: Impact of Input Nonlinearity on Efficiency, Power, and Linearity Performance of GaN RF Power Amplifiers
Sagar K. Dhar, Tushar Sharma, Ramzi Darraji, Damon G. Holmes, Joseph Staudinger, Xin Yu Zhou, Vince Mallette, Fadhel M. Ghannouchi
Sagar K. Dhar, Univ. of Calgary
Tu3H-2: High Power AlN/GaN HEMTs with Record Power-Added-Efficiency >70% at 40GHz
Kathia Harrouche, Riad Kabouche, Etienne Okada, Farid Medjdoub
Kathia Harrouche, IEMN (UMR 8520)
Tu3H-3: InAlN/GaN-on-Si HEMT with 4.5W/mm in a 200-mm CMOS-Compatible MMIC Process for 3D Integration
Shireen Warnock, Chang-Lee Chen, Jeffrey Knecht, Richard Molnar, Donna-Ruth Yost, Matthew Cook, Corey Stull, Ryan Johnson, Christopher Galbraith, Jeffrey Daulton, WeiLin Hu, Gianni Pinelli, Joshua Perozek, Tomas Palacios, Beijia Zhang, Jeffrey Herd, Craig Keast
Shireen Warnock, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Tu3H-4: Noise Performance of Sub-100-nm Metamorphic HEMT Technologies
Felix Heinz, Fabian Thome, Arnulf Leuther, Oliver Ambacher
Felix Heinz, Fraunhofer IAF
Tu3H-5: High-Power RF Characterization of Diamond Schottky Barrier Diodes at X-Band
Xenofon Konstantinou, Cristian J. Herrera-Rodriquez, Aaron Hardy, John D. Albrecht, Timothy Grotjohn, John Papapolymerou
Xenofon Konstantinou, Michigan State Univ.
Chinchun Meng
National Chiao Tung Univ.
Luciano Boglione
Naval Research Laboratory

This session presents LNAs from C to D band: the first paper demonstrates a new gain equalization technique, the second paper addresses the frequency tunability for 5G transceivers, the third paper shows flat gain response at mm-wave, the fourth paper shows a K/Ka/V band variable gain LNA, and the last paper demonstrates a new design exploiting magnetic coupling at E band

Tu4B-1: A 6.5–12GHz Balanced Variable Gain Low-Noise Amplifier with Frequency-Selective Non-Foster Gain Equalization Technique
Huiyan Gao, Nayu Li, Min Li, Shaogang Wang, Zijiang Zhang, Yen-Cheng Kuan, Xiaopeng Yu, Qun Jane Gu, Zhiwei Xu
Huiyan Gao, Zhejiang Univ.
Tu4B-2: A Compact Frequency-Tunable VGA for Multi-Standard 5G Transceivers
Roee Ben Yishay, Danny Elad
Roee Ben Yishay, ON Semiconductor
Tu4B-3: A CMOS Band-Pass Low Noise Amplifier with Excellent Gain Flatness for mm-Wave 5G Communications
Han-Woong Choi, Sunkyu Choi, Choul-Young Kim
Han-Woong Choi, Chungnam National University
Tu4B-4: A Tri (K/Ka/V)-Band Monolithic CMOS Low Noise Amplifier with Shared Signal Path and Variable Gains
Chia-Jen Liang, Ching-Wen Chiang, Jia Zhou, Rulin Huang, Kuei-Ann Wen, Mau-Chung Frank Chang, Yen-Cheng Kuan
Chia-Jen Liang, National Chiao Tung Univ.
Tu4B-5: A 64.5–88GHz Coupling-Concerned CMOS LNA with >10dB Gain and 5dB Minimum NF
Kaijuan Zhang, Chunqi Shi, Guangsheng Chen, Jinghong Chen, Runxi Zhang
Kaijuan Zhang, East China Normal Univ.
Nils Pohl
Ruhr Univ. Bochum
Hiroshi Okazaki
NTT DoCoMo, Inc.

This session introduces recent advances in X to G band voltage controlled oscillator design techniques. It includes new design methods for octave-range multi-band oscillators, injection-locked oscillators, and wide tuning range oscillators with advanced technologies such as 16 nm FinFET and 22 nm FD-SOI.

Tu4C-1: Octave Frequency Range Triple-Band Low Phase Noise K/Ka-Band VCO with a New Dual-Path Inductor
Md. Aminul Hoque, Mohammad Chahardori, Pawan Agarwal, Mohammad Ali Mokri, Deukhyoun Heo
Md. Aminul Hoque, Washington State Univ.
Tu4C-2: A Superharmonic Injection Based G-Band Quadrature VCO in CMOS
Xuan Ding, Hai Yu, Bo Yu, Zhiwei Xu, Qun Jane Gu
Xuan Ding, Univ. of California, Davis
Tu4C-3: A Power Efficient 60-GHz Super-Regenerative Oscillator with 10-GHz Switching Rate in 22-nm FD-SOI CMOS
Ali Ferschischi, Hatem Ghaleb, Zoltán Tibenszky, Corrado Carta, Frank Ellinger
Ali Ferschischi, Technische Universität Dresden
Tu4C-4: A 0.011-mm² 27.5-GHz VCO with Transformer-Coupled Bandpass Filter Achieving -191dBc/Hz FoM in 16-nm FinFET CMOS
Chi-Hsien Lin, Ying-Ta Lu, Hsien-Yuan Liao, Sean Chen, Alvin L.S. Loke, Tzu-Jin Yeh
Chi-Hsien Lin, TSMC
Tu4C-5: An X-Band LC VCO Using a New Boosted Active Capacitor with 53% Tuning Range and -202.4dBc/Hz FoMT
Pawan Agarwal, Mohammad Chahardori, Deukhyoun Heo
Mohammad Chahardori, Washington State Univ.
David Brown
BAE Systems
Mark van der Heijden
NXP Semiconductors

This session presents InP and GaN broadband millimeter-wave power amplifiers up to 150 GHz. Innovations include process development, high power combining techniques, and circuit techniques.

Tu4F-1: High Output Power Ultra-Wideband Distributed Amplifier in InP DHBT Technology Using Diamond Heat Spreader
Tanjil Shivan, Maruf Hossain, Ralf Doerner, Tom K. Johansen, Ksenia Nosaeva, Hady Yacoub, Wolfgang Heinrich, Viktor Krozer
Tanjil Shivan, FBH
Tu4F-2: Broadband PA Architectures with Asymmetrical Combining and Stacked PA Cells Across 50–70GHz and 64–110GHz in 250nm InP
Tushar Sharma, Zheng Liu, Chandrakanth R. Chappidi, Hooman Saeidi, Suresh Venkatesh, Kaushik Sengupta
Tushar Sharma, Princeton Univ.
Tu4F-3: C to V-Band Cascode Distributed Amplifier Design Leveraging a Double Gate Length Gallium Nitride on Silicon Process
Patrick E. Longhi, Sergio Colangeli, Walter Ciccognani, Lorenzo Pace, Rémy Leblanc, Ernesto Limiti
Patrick E. Longhi, Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”
Tu4F-4: A 20W GaN-on-Si Solid State Power Amplifier for Q-Band Space Communication Systems
R. Giofrè, F. Costanzo, A. Massari, A. Suriani, F. Vitulli, Ernesto Limiti
R. Giofrè, Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”
Tu4F-5: Highly Linear & Efficient Power Spatium Combiner Amplifier with GaN HPA MMIC at Millimeter Wavelength Frequency
Soack Dae Yoon, John Kitt, Dylan Murdock, Eric Jackson, Michael Roberg, Gamal Hegazi, Patrick Courtney
Soack Dae Yoon, Qorvo
Theodore Reck
Virginia Diodes Inc.
Adrian Tang
Jet Propulsion Lab

This session presents the latest work on transmitter components including the power amplifiers and frequency multipliers operating at mm-wave and sub-mm-wave frequencies.

We1C-1: A 99–132GHz Frequency Quadrupler with 8.5dBm Peak Output Power and 8.8% DC-to-RF Efficiency in 130nm BiCMOS
Kefei Wu, Muhammad Waleed Mansha, Mona Hella
Muhammad Waleed Mansha, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
We1C-2: A 135–183GHz Frequency Sixtupler in 250nm InP HBT
Mingquan Bao, Thanh Ngoc Thi Do, Dan Kuylenstierna, Herbert Zirath
Mingquan Bao, Ericsson
We1C-3: Broadband and High-Gain 400-GHz InGaAs mHEMT Medium-Power Amplifier S-MMIC
Bersant Gashi, Laurenz John, Dominik Meier, Markus Rösch, Axel Tessmann, Arnulf Leuther, Hermann Maßler, Michael Schlechtweg, Oliver Ambacher
Bersant Gashi, Fraunhofer IAF
We1C-4: A 160–183GHz 0.24-W (7.5% PAE) PA and 0.14-W (9.5% PAE) PA, High-Gain, G-Band Power Amplifier MMICs in 250-nm InP HBT
Zach Griffith, Miguel Urteaga, Petra Rowell, Lan Tran
Zach Griffith, Teledyne Scientific & Imaging
We1C-5: A 140GHz Power Amplifier with 20.5dBm Output Power and 20.8% PAE in 250-nm InP HBT Technology
Ahmed S.H. Ahmed, Munkyo Seo, Ali A. Farid, Miguel Urteaga, James F. Buckwalter, Mark J.W. Rodwell
Ahmed S.H. Ahmed, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
Samet Zihir
Renesas Electronics Corp.
Herbert Zirath
Chalmers Univ. of Technology

This session includes latest work covering high-data-rate wireless transceivers and receivers as well as mm-wave radars.

We2C-1: A 300GHz Wireless Transceiver in 65nm CMOS for IEEE802.15.3d Using Push-Push Subharmonic Mixer
Ibrahim Abdo, Takuya Fujimura, Tsuyoshi Miura, Korkut K. Tokgoz, H. Hamada, Hideyuki Nosaka, Atsushi Shirane, Kenichi Okada
Ibrahim Abdo, Tokyo Institute of Technology
We2C-2: 100Gbps 0.8-m Wireless Link Based on Fully Integrated 240GHz IQ Transmitter and Receiver
M.H. Eissa, N. Maletic, E. Grass, R. Kraemer, Dietmar Kissinger, Andrea Malignaggi
M.H. Eissa, IHP
We2C-3: Wireless Communication Using Fermi-Level-Managed Barrier Diode Receiver with J-Band Waveguide-Input Port
Tadao Nagatsuma, Fumiya Ayano, Keita Toichi, Li Yi, Masamichi Fujiwara, Noriko Iiyama, Junichi Kani, Hiroshi Ito
Tadao Nagatsuma, Osaka Univ.
We2C-4: A 680GHz Direct Detection Dual-Channel Polarimetric Receiver
Caitlyn M. Cooke, Kevin Leong, Khanh Nguyen, Alfonso Escorcia, Xiaobing Mei, Jennifer Arroyo, Taylor W. Barton, Cornelis Du Toit, Giovanni De Amici, Dong L. Wu, William R. Deal
Caitlyn M. Cooke, Northrop Grumman
We2C-5: Flexible Radar Front End with Multimodal Transition at 300GHz
Martin Geiger, Simon Gut, Philipp Hügler, Christian Waldschmidt
Martin Geiger, Universität Ulm
Leo de Vreede
Delft Univ. of Technology
Paul Draxler
MaXentric Technologies, LLC

Load modulation based power amplifiers have been the workhorses in wireless networks for more than two decades. In this session, load modulation techniques are further enhanced, for their RF bandwidth, through the use of balanced structures and inverted DPA topologies. In addition, Doherty efficiency is further improved in power back-off by means of digitally controlled signal injection. 5G MIMO base stations needs are addressed including DPA miniaturization through MMIC integration, as well as, the capability to handle large video bandwidths.

We2G-1: Dual-Octave-Bandwidth RF-Input Pseudo-Doherty Load Modulated Balanced Amplifier with ⋝q10-dB Power Back-Off Range
Yuchen Cao, Kenle Chen
Yuchen Cao, Univ. of Central Florida
We2G-2: Extend High Efficiency Range of Doherty Power Amplifier by Modifying Characteristic Impedance of Transmission Lines in Load Modulation Network
Jingzhou Pang, Yue Li, Chenhao Chu, Jun Peng, Xin Yu Zhou, Anding Zhu
Jingzhou Pang, Univ. College Dublin
We2G-3: A Fully-Integrated GaN Doherty Power Amplifier Module with a Compact Frequency-Dependent Compensation Circuit for 5G Massive MIMO Base Stations
Shuichi Sakata, Katsuya Kato, Eri Teranishi, Takumi Sugitani, Rui Ma, Kevin Chuang, Yu-Chen Wu, Kei Fukunaga, Yuji Komatsuzaki, Kenichi Horiguchi, Koji Yamanaka, Shintaro Shinjo
Shuichi Sakata, Mitsubishi Electric
We2G-4: 300W Dual Path GaN Doherty Power Amplifier with 65% Efficiency for Cellular Infrastructure Applications
Mir Masood, Srinidhi Embar R., Peter Rashev, John Holt, J.S. Kenney
Mir Masood, NXP Semiconductors
We2G-5: Digitally Assisted Load Modulated Balanced Amplifier for 200W Cellular Infrastructure Applications
Srinidhi Embar R., Mir Masood, Tushar Sharma, Joseph Staudinger, Sagar K. Dhar, Peter Rashev, G. Tucker, Fadhel M. Ghannouchi
Srinidhi Embar R., NXP Semiconductors
Dietmar Kissinger
Ulm Univ.
William Deal
Northrop Grumman Corp.

This short session presents works in distributed mixers, sub-terahertz oscillators, and millimeter-wave true-time delay circuits

We3C-1: InP HBT Oscillators Operating up to 682GHz with Coupled-Line Load for Improved Efficiency and Output Power
Jungsoo Kim, Heekang Son, Doyoon Kim, Kiryong Song, Junghwan Yoo, Jae-Sung Rieh
Jungsoo Kim, Korea Univ.
We3C-2: A DC to 194-GHz Distributed Mixer in 250-nm InP DHBT Technology
Teruo Jyo, Munehiko Nagatani, Minoru Ida, Miwa Mutoh, Hitoshi Wakita, Naoki Terao, Hideyuki Nosaka
Teruo Jyo, NTT
We3C-3: Broadband 110–170GHz True Time Delay Circuit in a 130-nm SiGe BiCMOS Technology
Alper Karakuzulu, M.H. Eissa, Dietmar Kissinger, Andrea Malignaggi
Alper Karakuzulu, IHP
John Wood
Wolfspeed, A Cree Company
Jonmei Yan
MaXentric Technologies, LLC

In this session, we have two papers describing advanced DPD techniques for massive MIMO applications, considering OTA identification and predistorter complexity; and three papers describing novel approaches for envelope tracking power amplifiers, including a GaN MMIC modulator design, a floating source RF PA, and a novel Marx generator-based modulator.

We3G-1: Closed-Loop Sign Algorithms for Low-Complexity Digital Predistortion
Pablo Pascual Campo, Vesa Lampu, Lauri Anttila, Alberto Brihuega, Markus Allén, Mikko Valkama
Pablo Pascual Campo, Tampere University
We3G-2: OTA-Based Data Acquisition and Signal Separation for Digital Predistortion of Multi-User MIMO Transmitters in 5G
Xiaoyu Wang, Yue Li, Chao Yu, Wei Hong, Anding Zhu
Xiaoyu Wang, Univ. College Dublin
We3G-3: L-Band Floating-Ground RF Power Amplifier for Reverse-Type Envelope Tracking Systems
Sophie Paul, Wolfgang Heinrich, Olof Bengtsson
Sophie Paul, FBH
We3G-4: High Efficiency, High Bandwidth Switch-Mode Envelope Tracking Supply Modulator
Florian Hühn, Felix Müller, Lars Schellhase, Wolfgang Heinrich, Andreas Wentzel
Florian Hühn, FBH
We3G-5: Exploiting the Marx Generator as a 100MHz High-Speed Multilevel Supply Modulator
Peco Gjurovski, Lukas Huessen, Renato Negra
Peco Gjurovski, RWTH Aachen Univ.
Kaushik Sengupta
Princeton Univ.
Joe Qiu
Army Research Office

The session will showcase state-of-the-art advancements in silicon-based power amplifier architectures and technology for 5G and automotive applications. The session will demonstrate techniques that range from broadband design and back-off efficiency enhancement to fully digital PA architectures. The first five papers demonstrate these techniques from 22 to 90 GHz and the last paper discusses a novel hybrid digital transmitter architecture combining CMOS and LDMOS technologies for base station applications.

Th1G-1: A 28GHz Linear and Efficient Power Amplifier Supporting Wideband OFDM for 5G in 28nm CMOS
Yen-Wei Chang, Tsung-Ching Tsai, Jie-Ying Zhong, Jeng-Han Tsai, Tian-Wei Huang
Yen-Wei Chang, National Taiwan Univ.
Th1G-2: A Balanced Power Amplifier with Asymmetric Coupled-Line Couplers and Wilkinson Baluns in a 90nm SiGe BiCMOS Technology
Yunyi Gong, John D. Cressler
Yunyi Gong, Georgia Tech
Th1G-3: Load Modulated Balanced mm-Wave CMOS PA with Integrated Linearity Enhancement for 5G Applications
Chandrakanth R. Chappidi, Tushar Sharma, Zheng Liu, Kaushik Sengupta
Chandrakanth R. Chappidi, Princeton Univ.
Th1G-4: A 22–37GHz Broadband Compact Linear mm-Wave Power Amplifier Supporting 64-/256-/512-QAM Modulations for 5G Communications
Fei Wang, Adam Wang, Hua Wang
Fei Wang, Georgia Tech
Th1G-5: Two W-Band Wideband CMOS mmW PAs for Automotive Radar Transceivers
Yuting Xue, Chunqi Shi, Guangsheng Chen, Jinghong Chen, Runxi Zhang
Yuting Xue, East China Normal Univ.
Th1G-6: An 18.5W Fully-Digital Transmitter with 60.4% Peak System Efficiency
R.J. Bootsman, D.P.N. Mul, Y. Shen, R.M. Heeres, F. van Rijs, M.S. Alavi, L.C.N. de Vreede
R.J. Bootsman, Technische Universiteit Delft
Jeremy Dunworth
Qualcomm Research
Donald LaFrance
Lockheed Martin Corp.

Presentations within this session include integrated front ends for a wide range of frequencies used in phased arrays. This session will commence with two radar papers, followed by a Ka-band communication front end and an 8-channel K-band phase shifter, and will conclude with a wideband GaN front end.

Th2G-1: A Fundamental-Frequency 122GHz Radar Transceiver with 5.3dBm Single-Ended Output Power in a 130nm SiGe Technology
Erick Aguilar, Vadim Issakov, Robert Weigel
Erick Aguilar, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
Th2G-2: An Integrated Bistatic 4TX/4RX Six-Port MIMO-Transceiver at 60GHz in a 130-nm SiGe BiCMOS Technology for Radar Applications
Matthias Voelkel, Stefan Pechmann, Herman Jalli Ng, Dietmar Kissinger, Robert Weigel, Amelie Hagelauer
Matthias Voelkel, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
Th2G-3: A Power Efficient BiCMOS Ka-Band Transmitter Front-End for SATCOM Phased-Arrays
Soroush Rasti-Boroujeni, A. Wyrzykowska, M. Mazaheri, A. Palizban, S. Ituah, A. El-Gouhary, G. Chen, H. Gharaei-Garakani, M. Nezhad-Ahmadi, S. Safavi-Naeini
Soroush Rasti-Boroujeni, Univ. of Waterloo
Th2G-4: A K-Band Low-Complexity Modular Scalable Wide-Scan Phased Array
Fatemeh Akbar, Amir Mortazawi
Fatemeh Akbar, Univ. of Michigan
Th2G-5: A Compact Ultra-Broadband GaN MMIC T/R Front-End Module
Qian Lin, Haifeng Wu, Yijun Chen, Liulin Hu, Shanji Chen, Xiaoming Zhang
Qian Lin, Qinghai Nationalities University
Sorin Voinigescu
Univ. of Toronto
Cynthia Hang
Raytheon Company

This session covers the key building blocks used in beamformers and phased arrays ranging from novel ultrawideband baluns, multi-bit phase shifters and attenuators, high isolation antenna switches, and large power mm-wave detectors.

Th3G-1: A DC-32GHz 7-Bit Passive Attenuator with Capacitive Compensation Bandwidth Extension Technique in 55nm CMOS
Zijiang Zhang, Nayu Li, Huiyan Gao, Min Li, Shaogang Wang, Yen-Cheng Kuan, Xiaopeng Yu, Zhiwei Xu
Zijiang Zhang, Zhejiang Univ.
Th3G-2: A Low Power 60GHz 6V CMOS Peak Detector
Zoltán Tibenszky, Corrado Carta, Frank Ellinger
Zoltán Tibenszky, Technische Universität Dresden
Th3G-3: A 35GHz Hybrid π-Network High-Gain Phase Shifter with 360° Continuous Phase Shift Range
Dong Wei, Xuan Ding, Hai Yu, Qun Jane Gu, Zhiwei Xu, Yen-Cheng Kuan, Shunli Ma, Junyan Ren
Dong Wei, Fudan Univ.
Th3G-4: A 68-dB Isolation 1.0-dB Loss Compact CMOS SPDT RF Switch Utilizing Switched Resonance Network
Xi Fu, Yun Wang, Zheng Li, Atsushi Shirane, Kenichi Okada
Xi Fu, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Th3G-5: A CMOS Balun with Common Ground and Artificial Dielectric Compensation Achieving 79.5% Fractional Bandwidth and <2° Phase Imbalance
Geliang Yang, Rui Chen, Keping Wang
Rui Chen, Southeast Univ.
Th3G-6: A 20.8–41.6-GHz Transformer-Based Wideband Power Amplifier with 20.4-dB Peak Gain Using 0.9-V 28-nm CMOS Process
Chieh-Wei Wang, Yu-Chun Chen, Wen-Jie Lin, Jeng-Han Tsai, Tian-Wei Huang
Chieh-Wei Wang, National Taiwan Univ.