MTT-S Transactions

Call for Papers for the IEEE Transactions on MTT Special Issue 

on the 2020 International Microwave Symposium

Updated Submission Date: 21 July 2020
Updated Publication Date: January 2021

The IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques (IEEE T-MTT) will publish a Special Issue devoted to 2020 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS2019). Authors of all papers accepted for presentation at the IMS2020 are invited to submit an expanded version of their papers to the Special Issue. The expanded version requires that the new technical content includes a more in-depth treatment, new results beyond the IMS2020 paper, or both. Every paper will be reviewed in the same manner as all other regular submissions to this publication. Therefore, authors of papers presented at the IMS2020 are invited to submit a substantially expanded version of their papers to the Special Issue.

Please be aware that your contribution should be prepared as any other regular T-MTT paper, and that it will be evaluated via the same peer-review process. The quality of your contribution must meet the level required for a publication at the MTT Transactions. Since your contribution is an expanded version of your conference paper, it is important to note that according to the instructions for authors, you must meet the following requirement:

“…. You must reference your own work, especially recent journal/conference publications. Discuss your related publications inthe introduction and distinguish the new results you present in your current manuscript from those found in your previous publications. While there is not a specific criteria that must be met, such as 60% new technical material, the reviewers are asked to determine if the paper provides "sufficient new technical material to justify a new paper" when compared to all previously published papers. This standard must be met by all papers, including papers that are submitted to conference special issues. Note that longer introductions and lists of references do not qualify as "technical material." It is acceptable to repeat some results to properly explain the concept and to create a self-contained paper for the reader, but this should be done only when necessary. Please attach pdf files of the previous papers……” 

Authors should consult the link for submission instructions. Clearly indicate that this is an extension of an IMS2020 conference paper and include the IMS2020 conference paper. Also, please include a letter detailing the new work done and the extension material.

All papers are handled by the T-MTT Editor, Prof. Jianguo Ma,