Field, Device and Circuit Tech.

Dan Jiao
Purdue Univ.
Werner Thiel

This session presents new components, structures, and techniques for various microwave applications. One structure is a new type of metasurface that offers broadband polarization conversion for an incident plane wave. Another contribution is a novel design of a microwave circulator that is based on coupled CRLH lines on a ferrite substrate. A new type of slow wave structure based on nanowires that are incorporated into a substrate is presented. The session also presents an insightful examination of the reactive and radiative regimes for a leaky-wave antenna, and discusses a new way to use leaky-wave antennas for beam scanning.

Tu1E-1: Linear-to-Circular Polarization Converter Based on Stacked Metasurfaces with Aperture Coupling Interlayer
Cheng Tao, Anastasios Papathanasopoulos, Tatsuo Itoh
Cheng Tao, Univ. of California, Los Angeles
Tu1E-2: A Coupled Pair of Anti-Symmetrically Nonreciprocal Composite Right/Left-Handed Metamaterial Lines
Tetsuya Ueda, Kohei Yamagami, Tatsuo Itoh
Tetsuya Ueda, Kyoto Institute of Technology
Tu1E-3: Partially-Air-Filled Slow-Wave Substrate Integrated Waveguide in Metallic Nanowire Membrane Technology
Jordan Corsi, Gustavo P. Rehder, Leonardo G. Gomes, Matthieu Bertrand, Ariana L.C. Serrano, Emmanuel Pistono, Philippe Ferrari
Jordan Corsi, RFIC-Lab (EA 7520)
Tu1E-4: The Transition Between Radiative and Reactive Region for Leaky Waves in Planar Waveguiding Structures
Walter Fuscaldo, Paolo Burghignoli, Alessandro Galli
Walter Fuscaldo, Università di Roma “La Sapienza”
Tu1E-5: Small-Scale Beam Scanning with an Ultrathin High Impedance Surface-Based Leaky Wave Antenna with Multiple Feeds
M.M. Reazul Haque Tanmoy, Saeed I. Latif, Ahmad T. Almutawa, Filippo Capolino
M.M. Reazul Haque Tanmoy, Univ. of South Alabama
Erin Kiley
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Jose Rayas-Sanchez
ITESO - The Jesuit Univ. of Guadalajara

This session provides an exposition of the recent developments on numerical modeling, optimization, and simulation-driven design for microwave engineering. The presented papers cover a variety of topics, including novel techniques for surrogate modeling of microwave passives, methodological advancements in variability analysis in highly-dimensional spaces, cost function formulation for efficient extraction of circuit parameters, as well as applications of surrogate modeling techniques for design optimization and uncertainty quantification of high-frequency components. Theoretical developments are complemented by application case studies.

Tu1H-1: High-Dimensional Variability Analysis via Parameters Space Partitioning
Ye Tao, Francesco Ferranti, Michel Nakhla
Ye Tao, Carleton Univ.
Tu1H-2: Adaptively Weighted Training of Space-Mapping Surrogates for Accurate Yield Estimation of Microwave Components
Jianan Zhang, Feng Feng, Weicong Na, Jing Jin, Q.J. Zhang
Feng Feng, Carleton Univ.
Tu1H-3: Computationally Efficient Performance-Driven Surrogate Modeling of Microwave Components Using Principal Component Analysis
Slawomir Koziel, Anna Pietrenko-Dabrowska, John W. Bandler
Slawomir Koziel, Reykjavik University
Tu1H-4: Design of SIW Filters in D-Band Using Invertible Neural Nets
Huan Yu, Hakki Mert Torun, Mutee Ur Rehman, Madhavan Swaminathan
Hakki Mert Torun, Georgia Tech
Tu1H-5: Automated Spiral Inductor Design by a Calibrated PI Network with Manifold Mapping Technique
Xiaolin Fan, Song Li, Paul D. Laforge, Qingsha S. Cheng
Xiaolin Fan, Univ. of Regina
Tu1H-6: An Objective Function Formulation for Circuit Parameter Extraction Based on the Kullback-Leibler Distance
Roberto Loera-Díaz, José E. Rayas-Sánchez
Roberto Loera-Díaz, ITESO
Zhizhang David Chen
Dalhousie University
Marco Pirola
Politecnico di Torino

This session presents the most recent developments on numerical modeling methods and their applications. It includes an efficient integration equation method for multilayer structures, an effective volume current-based method of moments for layered media, an interesting time-domain multiphysics sensitivity analysis method with the FDTD technique, an entropy technique towards practical time reversal source-reconstructions, and a methodology for rigorous validation of coupled multi-physics modeling algorithms.

Tu2H-1: Surface-Volume-Surface EFIE for Analysis of 3-D Microwave Circuits in Multilayered Substrates with Finite Dielectric Inclusions
Shucheng Zheng, Reza Gholami, Vladimir Okhmatovski
Shucheng Zheng, Univ. of Manitoba
Tu2H-2: A Volume Current Based Method of Moments Analysis of Shielded Planar 3-D Circuits in Layered Media
James C. Rautio, Matthew Thelen
James C. Rautio, Sonnet Software
Tu2H-3: Multiphysics Sensitivity Analysis in FDTD Based Electromagnetic-Thermal Simulations
Kae-An Liu, Costas D. Sarris
Costas D. Sarris, Univ. of Toronto
Tu2H-4: Application of Conformal Mapping to Rigorous Validation of 2D Coupled EM-CFD Modelling
Konrad Wilczynski, Marzena Olszewska-Placha, Malgorzata Celuch
Marzena Olszewska-Placha, QWED
Tu2H-5: The Entropy Technique for the Time-Reversal Source Reconstruction
Xiao-yao Feng, Zhizhang Chen, Jing-cheng Liang
Xiao-yao Feng, Dalhousie University
Christopher Silva
The Aerospace Corporation
Subrata Halder

This session addresses the nonlinear analysis, design, and novel application of circuits and systems to current challenging problems in microwave and millimeter wave technologies. The papers will cover topics ranging from coupled oscillators to wireless power transfer to over-the-air behavioral modeling using neural networks.

Tu4E-1: Mutual Injection Locking of Oscillator Circuits Through Inductor Coupling
A. Suárez, Franco Ramírez, R. Melville
A. Suárez, Universidad de Cantabria
Tu4E-2: Analysis of the Transient Dynamics of Coupled-Oscillator Systems
Sergio Sancho, A. Suárez, Franco Ramírez
Sergio Sancho, Universidad de Cantabria
Tu4E-3: Analysis and Design of a Concurrent Dual-Band Self-Oscillating Mixer
M. Pontón, A. Herrera, A. Suárez
M. Pontón, Universidad de Cantabria
Tu4E-4: A Coupling Factor Independent Wireless Power Transfer System Employing Two Nonlinear Circuits
Ruiying Chai, Amir Mortazawi
Ruiying Chai, Univ. of Michigan
Tu4E-5: Over-The-Air Behavioral Modeling of Millimeter Wave Beamforming Transmitters with Concurrent Dynamic Configurations Utilizing Heterogenous Neural Network
Hang Yin, Zhengbo Jiang, Xiao-Wei Zhu, Chao Yu
Hang Yin, Southeast Univ.
Rob Jones
Raytheon Company
Doug Teeter

This session focuses on several aspects of modeling and characterization of GaN and GaAs HEMT and HBT transistors. The first two papers cover new behavioral and compact modeling approaches while the next two papers discuss novel characterization and analysis of trapping effects in GaN devices. The final paper presents HBT model extraction up to 325 GHz.

Tu4H-1: Gate Bias Incorporation into Cardiff Behavioural Modelling Formulation
Ehsan M. Azad, James J. Bell, Roberto Quaglia, Jorge J. Moreno Rubio, Paul J. Tasker
Ehsan M. Azad, Cardiff University
Tu4H-2: GaN and GaAs HEMT Channel Charge Model for Nonlinear Microwave and RF Applications
Anthony E. Parker
Anthony E. Parker, Macquarie Univ.
Tu4H-3: A Transient Two-Tone RF Method for the Characterization of Electron Trapping Capture and Emission Dynamics in GaN HEMTs
Pedro M. Tomé, Filipe M. Barradas, Luís C. Nunes, João L. Gomes, Telmo R. Cunha, José C. Pedro
Pedro M. Tomé, Instituto de Telecomunicações
Tu4H-4: Explaining the Different Time Constants Extracted from Low Frequency Y22 and IDS-DLTS on GaN HEMTs
João L. Gomes, Luís C. Nunes, José C. Pedro
João L. Gomes, Instituto de Telecomunicações
Marcus Da Silva
Sherif Ahmed

In this joint ARFTG-IMS session, a number of riveting nonlinear measurement topics are discussed. We begin with new error vector magnitude results on GaN power amplifiers. Additional papers cover synchronized, modulated nonlinear vector network analyzer measurements, multitone amplifier linearity characterization, and pulse profiling load pull analysis.

We3B-1: Broadband Error Vector Magnitude Characterization of a GaN Power Amplifier Using a Vector Network Analyzer
Alberto Maria Angelotti, Gian Piero Gibiino, Corrado Florian, Alberto Santarelli
Alberto Maria Angelotti, Univ. of Bologna
We3B-2: Precisely Synchronized NVNA Setup for Digital Modulation Signal Measurements at Millimeter-Wave Test Bands
Yichi Zhang, Xiaotao Guo, Zilong Zhang, Zhao He, Aining Yang
Yichi Zhang, NIM
We3B-3: Millimeter-Wave Power Amplifier Linearity Characterization Using Unequally Spaced Multi-Tone Stimulus
Vincent Gillet, Jean-Pierre Teyssier, Ahmad Al Hajjar, Ahmed Gasmi, Charles Edoua Kacou, Michel Prigent, Raymond Quéré
Vincent Gillet, XLIM (UMR 7252)
We3B-4: Pulse Profiling Active Load Pull Measurements
Yashar Alimohammadi, Eigo Kuwata, Xuan Liu, Thoalfukar Husseini, James J. Bell, Lei Wu, Paul J. Tasker, Johannes Benedikt
Yashar Alimohammadi, Cardiff University
We3B-5: Enhanced Wideband Active Load-Pull with a Vector Network Analyzer Using Modulated Excitations and Device Output Match Compensation
Alberto Maria Angelotti, Gian Piero Gibiino, Troels S. Nielsen, Dominique M. M.-P. Schreurs, Alberto Santarelli
Alberto Maria Angelotti, Univ. of Bologna